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Our Green ECT Extensive Energy Audit

Reductions to electricity consumption save money, save energy, reduce green house gas emissions and demonstrate environmentally responsible corporate behavior.

Engineered Sustainable Energy Solutions

We manage the complete requirements for all aspects in evaluating each of your facility's operating systems. Each individual system is analyzed and all data is recorded to reflect the present ’state of operation’. Our team then looks at energy conservation solutions that will maximize each system for reduced energy usage with maximum ROI. We provide a detailed proposal on each specific project that will stand on it’s own merits. This will provide you, our client with a method to evaluate each project, and to select the one or ones that will provide you with the energy savings and maximum sustainability to meet your corporate goals.

Energy Project Management

Green ECT has a team of Project Managers that will assume all responsibility for project implementation throughout completion. A minimum of one Project Manager will work directly with your staff and our vendors to coordinate our installation team around a schedule that will eliminate or minimize any impact that may affect your operation. We provide for any and all planning, permitting, (if applicable), scheduling material delivery, site preparation, etc. and ensure that all required documentation for applicable utility rebates and investment credits are complete prior to the completion of your project.

Nationwide Delivery Sustainable Energy

Our team at Green ECT coordinates our resources to ensure an effective and on time delivery capability throughout the USA. Our team ensures that all resources to start a project are available when required and are available as scheduled by our project managers. This allows us to complete our projects within the specific timeframe agreed to with our clients.

Energy Project Commissioning

Prior to the completion of your project, we verify that all of the changes implemented meet or exceed the guaranteed savings as provided in our initial project proposal during the commissioning of the project. The commissioning is typically performed by our Project Managers along with our Application Engineers that have been involved in the initial structuring of the project prior to implementation. Your Project Manager will also be your resource for on-going system monitoring, maintenance and warranty service if and when the need arises.

Sustainable Energy Financing Options

Green ECT has partnered with several nationally and locally based lending institutions. We are able to provide a whole host of financing options that include but are not limited to capitalization of the cost of the project via long and short term lending, equipment leasing, our ’Shared Savings’ program, etc. Our ’Shared Savings’ program has become very popular due to no upfront capital required, as the cost of the project comes from a portion of the positive cash flow realized by the utility savings. The project pays for itself, and the company in addition receives a positive cash flow from monthly savings on their utility bill. Any and all utility rebates add to the positive revenue for the company.

Sustainable Energy Rebate and Incentive Management

Green ECT works directly with your local utility company to ensure that all of the required documentation for the project is completed prior to the start of the project and that the monies for the rebate incentives are put on ’reserve’, to be held until the completion of the project. Additionally, we will provide any information the utility company requires to maximize the incentive to our client. We also document and work with your company to ensure that we have met the requirements of the project to maximize all local, state and federal incentives available. Our commitment to this process additionally ensures that your project will receive the maximum ROI and profitability for your company.

Sustainability Marketing

At the commissioning stage of the project, we document all of the positive aspects of the energy conservation savings of the project. We will typically provide this information in the format of a ’Newsletter’ that our client can utilize to market the successes of their corporate sustainability program to their clients, shareholders and general public. Additional we have worked with both local and national media to provide attention to the successful energy conservation sustainability program implementation that will further provide a positive image for your corporation.
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