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Our Green ECT LEDs provide energy savings of 50% - 90%, guaranteed! (The savings will vary based upon replacing LEDs with fluorescent, HPS, HID, etc.). We provide a detailed analysis of current vs. our LED lighting that will detail the exact savings for each specific project. 

All of Green ECT LED products offer a minimum - 10 year manufacturers warranty. In addition to the energy savings offered by LED lighting, you will receive additional savings by eliminating all maintenance of your LED lighting for a minimum of 10 years. The savings associated by not requiring the changing of bulbs or ballasts for 10+ years can be significant! This additional savings will only add to the profitability of your organization annually for at least 10 years!

Intelligent LED Highbay Fixtures

ControlScope System Overview

Daintree Networks offers the industry’s most intelligent, comprehensive and cost-effective solution for taking control over building energy use. Deployed in Fortune 500 facilities across North America, our award-winning ControlScope™ wireless control solution delivers:
  • tremendous energy savings for commercial buildings, which improve over the life of the building
  • full-featured controls at a fraction of the cost and complexity of wired systems
  • choice of open-standards, interoperable controls products from trusted suppliers
  • advanced, enterprise-wide energy management strategies
ControlScope solves some of the controls industry’s toughest problems by eliminating wiring and using open standards—which allows broader and more granular control, reduces costs, simplifies commissioning, and extends the benefits of control to retrofits and other new markets.

How it Works: Smart Wireless Control

Daintree Networks' ControlScope is a complete wireless control solution built on years of development in the most trusted, reliable, wireless mesh networking standards. Daintree provides the wireless network communications and intelligent control software, and customers are free to choose from a variety of 3rd party control devices including sensors, fixtures, programmable thermostats, and plug load controllers - all using the trusted ZigBee standard for wireless communications.

In the ControlScope solution, an intelligent wireless mesh network takes the place of physical control panels and miles of dedicated control wiring. Daintree's Wireless Area Controller manages both the network and the controls intelligence for a floor or wing of a building. The networked wireless devices all communicate with the Wireless Area Controller and each other wirelessly, either through an external adapter or through standard wireless communications capabilities built directly inside the device. A ControlScope system can work with any standard commercial lighting products, including both fluorescent and LED.

Facility managers set automated and manual control strategies through Daintree’s web-based ControlScope Managerapplication - from scheduling and occupancy control to daylighting, demand response, task tuning and more - and those commands are applied wirelessly to individual zones and fixtures, or across the building or large enterprise. Setup is simple, and making changes is simpler: it's all done through the application, with full management over multiple facilities from any Web browser. The result is the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective lighting controls solution for commercial buildings on the market.

Daintree offers a full suite of products built on the ControlScope network software and intelligence:
  • The Wireless Area Controller (WAC) is a networked device that manages the wireless communications with switches, sensors, fixtures, thermostats, and other end-points in an area.
  • ControlScope Manager delivers an easy-to-use web-based graphical interface for energy management and system configuration from any location.
  • The System Controller provides coordination when multiple WACs are deployed in a system, and interfaces to Building Management Systems via BACnet.
  • Wireless Adapters provide the option to add external radios to existing wired devices, allowing them to communicate within the wireless network. 
  • Our Auto-Commissioning Methods enable quick and easy set up of the overall system. 

Key benefits
  • Enables powerful energy-saving control strategies including scheduling, occupancy, daylighting, task tuning, lumen maintenance and load shedding.
  • Simplifies communications by eliminating control wiring, which reduces much of the expense, complication, and disruption of a wired system.
  • Delivers maximum energy-saving control strategies to retrofits and other spaces considered inaccessible or impractical with wired technology. Reduces the expense and complexity of commissioning through the use of our patent-pending Intelligent Auto-Commissioning techniques.
  • Delivers real-time, measurable information about usage, creating new methods to manage energy use and demand as well as verify savings.
  • Integrates with Demand Response / Demand Management programs through OpenADR, automatically shedding load in response to Utility signals. 
  • Puts control in the hands of facility managers with a simple and intuitive web-based user interface for energy management, which is accessible from any remote location.
  • Scales easily from a single office to system-wide control of thousands of devices across a distributed enterprise.
  • Uses a reliable ZigBee mesh network: the leading standard for wireless building control systems.
  • Provides choice of interoperable lighting and building control devices from trusted suppliers.
  • Easily integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS) via a BACnet interface.
  • Pervasive Metering feature enables the use of standard metering with ControlScope, to reduce total costs of a combined lighting and metering system.
  • Helps buildings comply with green building regulations and guidelines (such as LEED) and qualify for utility and government rebates.

High Lumen Output LED Fixtures

Features and Benefits

With numerous lumen outputs, distribution, color temperatures and other options, there is a Green ECT high bay lighting, low bay lighting or aisle lighting fixture that can meet the requirements of most commercial or industrial applications such as exhibition spaces, retail centers, warehouses, transportation terminals, manufacturing plants, laboratories, data centers, gymnasiums, government facilities, cold storage, and many more!

Common Features and Benefits of Green ECT's High Bay Fixtures

Precise Optics

Green ECT's fixtures are optically engineered to deliver even and pleasing lighting distributions in mounting heights from 12-60 feet (3.5-18 m). Specially engineered reflectors also minimize glare and deliver a substantially higher percentage of usable footcandles on key work areas than traditional HID and fluorescent fixtures.

Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance

Our fixtures offer 50-90% energy savings through a direct replacement of HID and fluorescent fixtures. Because our fixtures do not contain mercury or other hazardous substances, additional savings are achieved by elimination of costs for mercury lamp disposal. Our fixtures have impressive overall fixture efficacies and outputs, including some models that exceed 140 lumens per watt and others that exceed 40,000 lumens for illumination of large retail, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Thermal Efficiency

The combination of specially engineered heat sinks and dissipation techniques, thermal transfer technologies and the superior thermal junction (Tj) temperature rating of 302° F (150° C) of the LUXEON Rebel ES LEDs used in these fixtures, allow us to achieve up to 140° F (60° C) environmental operating temperature approval ratings by UL/CE. The overall cool fixture operating temperature of our fixtures not only increases the longevity and reliability of the fixture, but also decreases AC cooling energy costs as compared to typical HID and high-output fluorescent fixtures.


Green ECT's fixtures interface with numerous building control systems, are compatible with standard dimmers, and are offered with occupancy sensors to further reduce their energy costs.

10-Year Warranties

Green ECT's fixtures come with a standard 10-year replacement warranty.

L70 Lifetimes

70,000 hours minimum to over 120,000+ hours minimum (based upon type of LED fixture)

Reclaimed Materials Content

Housings and heat sinks of our fixtures include recycled aluminum.

Listings and Certifications

UL Listed for Safety (1598). UL Dry/Damp Location Listed. UL Wet Location Listed. CE. FCC tested. DesignLights Consortium qualified. RoHS compliant. Lighting Facts (U.S. Department of Energy) certified.


Fixtures are quality constructed with clear, optical grade lenses.


LED light modules are field replaceable on all of our models if ever necessary. Our various High Bay Series of high output LED fixtures delivers various optics, up to 140° wide light distribution, providing excellent fixture-to-fixture cross-over. Additionally, this cutting-edge family of energy-saving fixtures includes efficacies of over 140+ lumens per watt in an extremely low profile housing that is ideal for your dry/damp location applications. As with all of our fixtures, our High Bay Series is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Our High Bay 2, 4 and 6-Module fixtures can deliver over 40,000 lumens with an efficacy of 140+ lumens per watt in an economically designed housing for high bay and low bay applications. The 4-Module fixture delivers comparable light output to a 400W metal halide or 6-lamp T5HO fluorescent high bay with a 50 - 90% savings in energy costs.

Direct Replacement Fluorescent Bulbs

Why changes fixtures when you can re-lamp with our direct replacement LED bulbs for fluorescent, HID, incandescent and more...

There are many companies selling LED lamps of assorted types and sizes but none compare to those provided by Green ECT. Most of those lamps are offered by companies that are unskilled and unknowing in the technical intricacies of lighting people spaces and objects for sale. Color control is very loose and thermal characteristics are often ignored while still promising ever and ever increasing life of the products. As a result, this relatively new technology has been beset by a host of negative experiences when applied in the lighting industry. Our approach at Green ECT is very different and produces the desired performance you deserve to expect. Color control and thermal management are uppermost in our approach to design and manufacturing because they are the difference between unmet promises and solid actuality. The LEDs we use are closely controlled and selected to meet our exacting standards of color control and light output. We control color very tightly to plus or minus only one hundred degrees Kelvin, an indiscernible difference to the human eye. Meticulously controlled thermals on the junctions and ambient around each LED make certain that the life will be as we specify. Our 10 year warranty provides assurance that our customers will realize the energy savings and lighting performance they expect well beyond normal financial payback periods.

Our corporate focus is on assisting our customers in their energy reduction programs across North America in all types of markets... Office, Warehouse and Factory spaces presently using fluorescent. Supermarkets in the varied environments they present... and Lighted Machines for the Beverage and Gaming Industries. The LED tubes we provide will produce the same light levels as fluorescent while consuming only half of the electrical energy. When coupled with their exceedingly long life, the owning and operating costs of the LED tubes by Green ECT are extemely low compared to existing fluorescent installations. We provide the lamps and know how, and your company benefits from the able and careful approach of Green ECT.

The basic question with any light source become... how much light can I get to the work surface for the watts I am paying for and what is my total owning and operating cost? Until the last year or two the answer in most cases has been metal halide or fluorescent. The efficacy, or lumens per watt of these sources are in the 135+ lumens per watt, very efficacious when compared to the 15 lumens per watt for tungsten halogen sources. High pressure sodium is on the high end of that range but the yellow color does not suit a lot of applications. Rated life of fluorescent and metal halide lamps range from 10,000 to 20,000 hours, very high as compared to tungsten halogen at around 2,000 hours. These figures then, the lumen output per watt and rated life, have been the major factors in the application of these sources by lighting designers across the lighting spectrum.

But, as we say, a new day is dawning. The advent of light emitting diodes... LED’s... has been rapid indeed. Several aspects of these new light sources have been fine tuned to the point of providing excellent options in their application. There are, however, key pitfalls to be avoided in design and application so that the promise of lumen output, color control, and life are fully realized and translated into actual owning and operating costs for the lighting task performed. A well designed LED system of LED selection, mounting for thermal control, and optical distribution can deliver 135+ lumens per watt with excellent color rendering and light distribution that allows for using over half the energy of fluorescents, and having an extended practical life of 50,000-70,000 hours. LED’s are extremely stable in providing the same light output from minus 30 degrees to over 140 degrees. Since fluorescent lamps put out light all around the cylindrical tube and LED’s put out light in only 180 degrees, the LED sources can direct light toward the work surface much more efficiently. In a typical application of general lighting, case lighting, or signage, the energy can be reduced to half that of the fluorescent sources. This coupled with at life of at least 4-5 times that of fluorescent allows LED sources by Green ECT to deliver on the promise... same lighting performance with half the energy and one-fifth the maintenance costs, (very conservative). Also, our Ballast Compatable LED tubes are 'Plug-and-Play', which allows for a very quick and efficient replacemnet in existing fixtures!

Outdoor LED Lighting


Our patented design results in superior aesthetics, cost savings and reliability.
  • Flexible, thin-film indestructible panels eliminate the poor aesthetics of unsightly flat panels and is a more durable, lower maintenance alternative
  • Intelligent energy management and wireless lighting controls significantly lower operating costs over the long-term
  • Green ECT products integrate tested and proven components to create a more reliable system
  • Off-Grid and On-Grid products depending on your specific application
  • Many heights are available. From 40" Bollards to 30' Street Lights versions of both the Off-Grid and On-Grid products are available
  • Economic and environmental impacts of the category are improved, providing superior value for our customers and shifting the paradigm of the industry.


Green ECT provides an unprecedented array of solar powered LED lighting for every conceivable outdoor application. Architecturally designed to be sleek, and engineered for perfect performance, our Solar Light is at the front of the solar lighting race. The our Green ECT LED fixture delivers best-in-class efficacy at 130+ lumens/watt. This allows us to use smaller solar engine configurations while still delivering maximum light output. This lowers the total fixture system cost without compromising reliability or performance.

Our Solar system is capable of delivering over 15,000 lumens with a minimum of five days of backup power and all night operation. There are no other solar manufacturers providing this level of performance. Better performance means lower material costs and faster installation for your project.

  • Solar panel converts sunlight into energy during the day
  • Charge controller maximizes the energy stored in the batteries
  • LED luminaire utilizes energy from the batteries at night
  • Patented system controller manages system interactions and energy flow, reducing energy use when battery charge is low and preserving the life of the batteries.

  • Vertical indestructible solar panels create the aesthetics that are expected of street and area lighting
  • Vertical indestructible solar panels eliminate the wind and snow loading, cleaning and vandalism issues of fixed flat panels
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to best-in-class battery management, indestructible vertical solar panels and integrated design
  • All components are securely housed inside the base of the pole for easy access
  • Eliminate infrastructure costs
  • Eliminate electricity costs
  • Reduce carbon footpring
  • Contribute to LEED certification
  • 10 Year warranty on all components, (pole, fixture, batteries, computer, etc.) with Lithium-Ion batteries.


Solar Street Lights are more economical to operate and often less expensive (economical to buy) than traditional lighting. Green ECT's Off-Grid Solar Light Pole is completely independent of the electrical grid, eliminating power bills and the need for supporting infrastructure (trench, wire, conduit, circuit, etc.). 


Solar-LED lighting products from Inovus Solar, Inc. provide sustainable economic value in many applications. The typical result is a quick payback with a positive return on investment that benefits both your bottom line and our planet. Solar-LED street lights permanently reduce the cost of energy and maintenance over the long term and reduce dependence on polluting sources of energy.

Outdoor LED Lighting

The recent advances in LED technology have allowed us to get the output necessary to replace High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps with energy efficient Solid State Lighting (LED’s).

Green ECT offers custom made retrofit kits to convert virtually any commercial or industrial HID light fixture to energy efficient solid state lighting (LED’s). These retrofits are the easiest and most cost effective solution to replacing your existing high cost & high maintenance Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs.

We have done extensive field testing of all of our products for efficiency and durability that is why we are the only Company that can offer a full 10 year warranty on all of our lighting retrofits. We have also developed several different and unique retrofits products for the service station and parking lot industry. Our products are capable and are used to replace 250 watt to 400 watt HID bulbs using just 78 watts of power. These products are powered by conventional AC power sources ranging from 90v to 277v through the use of a constant voltage LED driver.

Shared Energy Savings Program

The project pays for itself with the guaranteed savings received from your monthly utility bills.

Your monthly savings will provide you with increased cash flow.

The increase in your monthly cash flow will:
  • Increase Profits
  • Provide for additional company improvements
  • Decrease operational expenses
  • Increase management incentive payouts

Additional Benefits of Our Program:
  • Receive additional income for your organization from your utility’s rebate program (you keep the rebate)
  • Company receives various federal, state and local tax incentives that will increase the profitability of your organization
  • Gain a competitive advantage due to lower operating expenses
  • Receive the benefits of the latest in Energy Conservation Technologies
  • Increase marketability of your company by having a environmentally friendly sustainable "Green" program
  • Reduce your company’s "Carbon Footprint"

Download Our Shared Savings Program Brochure Here
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