Applications: High Bay LED Lighting


LED high-bay lighting is transforming the energy footprint of large industrial facilities. And it’s about time. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting uses as much as 29% of the electricity generated in the United States.  For industrial facilities, traditional lighting:
  • Uses 38% of the energy in a typical warehouse
  • Requires 15% of the energy in a refrigerated warehouse

Designed specifically for rugged industrial environments, our LED Lighting Systems typically replace 400W - 1,000W HID, HPS or HIF high-bay lighting fixtures, and reduces lighting energy use by up to 90%.  Installed as 1:1 retrofits of legacy fixtures and in new construction, our LED Lighting System is a smart high-bay LED lighting solution that delivers unmatched savings and proven value to industrial lighting customers.

Our line of exterior LED lighting fixtures and retrofit kits, along with T12, T8 and T5, (and others) fluorescent replacement tubes, allows Green ECT to offer a complete and effective long term solution for all of your facility lighting needs.

All of our LED lights have been proven to have the highest allowable utility rebates available for any lighting incentive. These rebates along with Local, State and Federal Tax incentives reduce the project cost and increase the ROI of the project dramatically.

Learn more about our LED System’s performance in a variety of high-bay lighting applications - Cold Storage Lighting, Warehouse/Distribution Center Lighting, Manufacturing Lighting, Commercial and Retail Lighting.

And imagine what you could do with the savings!

Engineered Sustainable Energy Solutions

Manufacturing facilities have the same need as others for high-quality, energy-efficient lighting. But the manufacturing environment has a particular set of characteristics and considerations that impact the type of lighting needed. Our LED Lighting Systems, including the mid-bay LEDs, is highly effective in manufacturing environments. Our LED fixtures are purpose-built for rugged environments.

HIDs and HIFs have been the manufacturing lighting of choice to date, but advances in LED efficacy and color rendering have made this highly efficient technology a compelling alternative. Especially when combined with integrated software controls, LEDs’ clean, bright light and lower power requirements provide the light that manufacturing facilities need, while reducing lighting-related energy costs.

Ideal for manufacturing lighting applications that require high foot-candle levels, our LED Lighting Systems include various optioned high-bay fixtures with wide optics packages that distribute light evenly in open spaces, and can also maximize the intensity required for assembly of small items, etc.. Our fixtures maximize light delivered while minimizing energy usage, allowing facility managers to match the lighting program to shifts and cells within a facility for further efficiency gains. Our LED fixtures are also replacements for existing T5 and T8 fluorescents. And, we have fixtures that include integrated daylight harvesting sensors for even greater energy efficiency in facilities with available natural light.

For manufacturers that handle heavy metals, eliminating costly mercury disposal associated with fluorescents offers additional savings. And, because our LED lighting uses much less power and is only on when needed, it minimizes the lighting-generated heat in the manufacturing environment.

Energy Project Management

Cold storage facilities have a variety of characteristics that impact the choice of lighting. They need high-quality light in the aisles when operators and other staff are present but don’t want to add heat to the facility by leaving lights on all the time. Our LED systems maximizes light delivery and minimizes thermal load.

Our software controlled LED Lighting Systems are an exceptionally effective cold storage lighting solution. Each LED fixture features high-intensity LEDs, integrated intelligence to maximize energy efficiency, and performs particularly well in chilled environments (as low as -40 F/C).

With instant-on capabilities, no warm-up-time required (unlike other high-bay lighting), integrated occupancy sensing, and a variety of optics packages for racked aisles or open spaces, the fixtures replace traditional HID or HIF lighting and maximize light delivery to the surfaces where operators and facility staff need it. When there is no activity in an area, lights can be dimmed or turned off because they immediately return to full efficacy when operators are in the area.

Additionally, our intelligent high-bay LED fixtures generate much less heat than other lights, dramatically reducing chiller load especially when compared to legacy high-bay lighting alternatives.

Nationwide Delivery Sustainable Energy

Warehouses and Distribution Centers are challenging environments for lighting. Facility managers and engineers must ensure that light meets ASHRAE standards, without over-lighting the space. So the goal is to maximize energy efficiency without compromising light quality. Since the average warehouse/distribution center spends $1 per square foot per year on lighting-related energy costs, getting that number under control is a major savings opportunity.

Our LED Lighting Systems are purpose-built to meet Warehouse/Distribution Center lighting needs while delivering maximum energy efficiency. No compromises. High-bay LED lighting solutions deliver light where and when needed, increasing light levels in the work environment, even while using dramatically less energy than traditional warehouse and distribution center lighting solutions.

Most facilities, even the busiest ones, have activity concentrated in certain areas, creating the opportunity to dim or turn off lights in unused sections. Our LED Systems feature instant-on capabilities with - no warm up time - so that when the occupancy sensor is activated, the lights turn on - Immediately. The System is also completely dimmable, so a facility might choose to keep certain lights (e.g., cross-aisles and back corners) on at 10%. The energy savings are substantial.

Daylight harvesting capabilities are integrated into some of our LED fixtures that will offer even greater energy efficiency for facilities with ambient light. The integrated daylighting sensors measure available light and manage each fixture’s output to achieve desired light levels.

Optics packages - narrow and wide - optimize light delivery in racked aisles and open spaces. Racked aisles use narrow optics, which maximize light at the work surface or down rack faces. Open spaces use the wide optics fixtures, spreading light evenly in those areas.

Sustainable Energy Financing Options

Our LED commercial lighting fixtures installed in big box stores, retail showrooms, grocery stores, shopping malls, casinos, offices and other commercial/retail settings can improve quality of light and also deliver substantial energy savings.

Our array of quality LED products will in most cases interface directly into your existing fixtures. Whether it be architectural fixtures that produce uplighting, downlighting, spot, dropped ceiling flourescent light replacement via LED panels, etc., there is an LED product that will provide a brighter, cooler, longer life, no maintenance and best of all, saves you money on your monthly electric bills.

In addition, we offer a complete line of outdoor LED fixtures, We can also retrofit your existing fixtures with our LED products. These are available for almost any application; from walkway lights, wall pack lighting, parking lot lighting, street lighting, on-grid and off-grid solar street lights, and everything in between. We have an LED replacement that will replace everything including 1,000 watt HID lighting, saving approximately 80% of your existing lighting energy use.
Applications: LED Warehouse Lighting Systems