Manufacturing Facility LED Lighting
Replacing fluorescent or HID lighting with an energy-efficient LED lighting system can have a significant impact on energy savings in manufacturing facilities.
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Cold Storage

Cold Storage Facility LED Lighting
Our solid-state lighting fixtures provide a superior alternative to traditional cold storage facility lighting sources for a variety of reasons, such as a significant reduction in heat output.
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Warehouse LED Lighting
Our solid-state Lighting manufactures energy efficient high bay and low bay warehouse lighting fixtures that drastically reduce energy costs while also improving light quality.
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Distribution Centers

Distribution Center LED Lighting
Our powerful, yet energy efficient lighting systems are purpose-built to meet the rigors of distribution center lighting, while delivering maximum energy efficiency.
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LED Lights Review

"Unanimous Decision"

"The LED fluorescent replacement lamps are great. Instant on and no flickering, they are a bright light and at the same time a soft light that does not present any strain on the eyes . When comparing the LED lamps to the Fluorescent lamps here it was a unanimous decision by the entire crew to go with the LED lamps. We are using one LED lamp in fixtures made for two fluorescents and there is plenty of light from the LEDs. The retro fit was super simple and the fact that the lamps are not glass makes for a safer and more maintenance friendly replacement when the time comes. Thank you for a great product."

Michael Baer
Operating Engineer